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Barzilai in the Daf

Chizkiyah and the Ship of Theseus (full article)

Acquisition via Reins (article summary)

Acquisition via Reins (full article)

Talmud Website is Back in Business

Was Rava a Student of Rabba? (article summary)

When Came Rav Chagai from the South

The Kingdom of Rome (article summary)

Another Rabba / Rava Confusion

Was Rava the Student of Rabba?

This is His; This is his Teacher's

The Kingdom of Rome (article preview)

Citation Without Endorsement (full article)

We Learn Them From Pit (article summary)

On Behalf Of (full article)

Rabbi Yossi Prevails (article summary)

Tnan vs. Tanya

Shimush, and Rami bar Chama

We Learn Them From Pit (article preview)

Rabbi Yossi Prevails (full article)

And Abba Agrees (article summary)

Amar Leih, and the End of the Brayta

Post Thanksgiving Post

Why Jacob wept

Rabbi Yehuda (Nesia)'s Antechamber

Rav Sama son of Rav Athi

Yaakov's Fear (full article)

Placing the ? Mark

Was Rav Pappa Obese?(article summary)

The Talmudic Narrator Gets A Name

And Abba Agrees (article preview)

Rav Chaviva the Redactor (full article)

Is Ravina Indeed the Last Word?

Was Rav Pappa Obese? (article preview)

Shor Rhymes with Bor (article summary)

Chizkiyah is Rabbi Chiyya's Son

Qualitative vs. Quantitative Midrash

Shor Rhymes With Bor (article preview)

Bothering to Rule Like Rav

Rav Chanina of Syria or of Sura?

'Some Say' (article summary)

Rav Nachman Inquires of his Student?

Be'Amav as Singular?

Who is "Some Say"? (article preview)

Persian Dev and Dov

Rav Nachman vs. Rav Yehuda

Berachot #2: Heh or Chet?

Who is Mar Shmuel?

Don't Deliver a Slave to His Master

"They all say one thing"

Brackets and Parentheses

Rabbi Zeira: When I Ascended to "There"

Newsdiffs and the NY Times

Rav Zevid and Talmud Pumbediti

Shimon HaAmsuni

Sharing Free Press article

Key Ideas In Review

Deducing Internal Conflict

Rav Yosef's Pattern of Support

Missing a Mouth

Two Rabbi Yirmeyahs

Is Rav Asi Really Rav's Student?

It Matters Which Rabbi Avin

On Condition I'm A Reader (article preview)

Teach Linguistics, Not Just Dikduk (article summary)

Mar bereih deRavana

Teach Linguistics, Not Just Dikduk (article preview)

The Ambiguity of אַף הֶחָדָשׁ

Rabbi Yochanan vs. Reish Lakish (article summary)

Shopping Carts

Relinquishing Honor (full unlocked article)

Modern Simanim for Rosh Hashanah

The Ambiguous Orphan

Rav Huna bar Chinena (article summary)

Revocalization With Missing Vowels

Rabbi Yochanan vs. Reish Lakish (article preview)

Shiur on Kiddushin 28

No, today is Jumping Elephant Day!

Rabba vs. Rav Yosef, part two (article summary)

Two+ Rav Kahanas

Berachot #1: Not Literally Stealing

Awl or Nothing

Rav Huna bar Chinena (article preview)

Consistency in Yesh Em LaMasoret

Twice Sold?

Rabba vs. Rav Yosef, part one (article summary)

Rabba vs. Rav Yosef, part II (article preview)

Notes for today's shiur (Kiddushin 14)

Undermining Rav Yosef's Premise

Artscroll vs. Steinsaltz vs. English Koren on Kordaykus

What Did He Find? (article summary)

Rabba vs. Rav Yosef, part one (article preview)

Refuting the Lion (article summary)

Pumbedita and the Silk Road

Kiddushin: Three Ways

What Did He Find? (article preview)

The Vav of Kadu

Rav Schachter on Mispronouncing Garmi

Artscroll vs. Steinsaltz on Rabbi Eliezer / Elazar

Hilcheta Kebatrai / Kelishna Kamma (article summary)

On Shaving

Refuting the Lion (article preview)

The Latter Version and the Later Amora (full article)

Quick thought on Ekev: Not on Bread Alone

Rav Kahana cites Rav...

Rav Chida's Rabbinic Theft (article summary)

Facilitated Communication (article summary)

Rav Chisda and Rabbinic Theft (article preview)

Thoughts for Shabbos Nachamu

Said Rav Ami to Rav Ashi?

Meat During the Nine Days

Ashmedai and Merlin

מֵיגָס גָּאֵיס

Rav Yehuda citing Rabbi Assi to Shmuel?

Heilach vs. Holech

Scribal Roundup #4

Rav Shizvi (article summary)

The Dangers of Facilitated Communication (article preview)

"Rabbi", You Say Thusly?

Rabbi Yishmael ben Elisha I and II

Reish Lakish on Wikipedia

The Bold Reish Lakish (article summary)

Rav Shizvi (article preview)

Pinchas Approaches Moshe

Lukshen Kugel Eater

The Courageous Reish Lakish (article preview)

Ya'al Kegam (article summary)

Modern Censorship of Rashbam

Goyz II Min

Bilaam's True Nature

Leitworte in Buber and Rosenzweig

Meimra - מימרא

Abaye Seldom Wins (article preview)

Ameimar and Memory Leaks

Doppelganger (article summary)

The Impossibility of the Rav Ashi Citation Chain

Prosbol vs. Prozbol

"And any name he has"

Divorcing by Handing Over a Talmud

Disagreeing With VeHilcheta - From Writing or Giving

Two Yosef ben Shimons (article preview)

Scribal Roundup #3

Intent for the Tofes or Toref? (article summary)

Arrival and Appeasement

Young Rav Ashi

Soncino's Incorrect Mishnah

Retroactive Determination vs. Clarification

Rab(bi) Assi and Breira

Rabbi Eleazar and Writing Lishmah (article preview)

Shkoyach article summary

Rabbi Chiyya bar Assi?

Derasha Chain Contradiction on Gittin 21b

Rav Yehuda's Sick-Visit

Kfar Ludim to Lud

Persian Shtarot

Sharing ChatGPT transcripts!

Shkoyach! (Jewish Link article preview)

Give (pl) (this) Get

Established Non-Jewish Names

Rashi Diagrams

Abaye Retracts

Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi and Diaspora Proficiency

Lydda, Oh Lydda. The Person and the Page

Before me it was Nechtav - article summary

Sefaria's New Gender-Sensitive Tanach

Bəfanai Nechtav. The Person and the Page in the Jewish Link. Gittin 2a

Lud, Rabbi Eliezer's Town

This Year's Shavuot-Themed OOP Final (2023)

Levitating Golden Calves

Programming Languages Final - Shavuot-themed

Gittin daf 2: Arayot or Eduyot?

The Last With Humility and Fear of Heaven?

Is Rabbinic Biography Maskilish?

Sotah Ends; Swallowed Up Speech

Last Year's Shavuot-Themed OOP Final (2022)

Sufficiently Advanced Technology. The Person and the Page. Sotah 47a

Article Summary: Learning During Leining

Xena, Warrior Innkeeperess?

Accompaniment, and a Shorter Mishnah

Rabba and Darshinan Taama diKra

The Pappaitic Approach

Standing to Read

Rava bar Ahina?

Learning During Kriat HaTorah. The Person and the Page. Sotah 39a

Article Summary: In Their Language

Washing Immediately Before Duchening

Singing Your Flaws


Why Deduce Recitation in Any Language?

In Any Language He Speaks?

In Their Language. Sotah 32a. The Person and the Page

The Rare Amora, Rav Chanina of Sura

Is word2vec Sexist?

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

The Pious Fool and the Poisonous Waters

Rav Chanina of Sura

Rabbi Yoshiya of His Generation?

Drinking Straw

Temporal Paradox

Yom HaKahal, and Retroactive Determination

Code switching in Bavli

Sotah Straw

"Appreciating" Post-Pesach Store Lists

Rabbi Yochanan vs. Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi

Rabbi Yochanan the Tanna

The No True Gadol Fallacy

Chushim's Mace

The End, Yet Again

New King / New Decrees

F(e)asting on Erev Pesach

The Person and the Pesach

Rav Ashi -> Rav Asi, Ikka -> Ita

Rabbi Yishmael's Academy Should Follow Him!

The Start of Sotah

Rabbi Nehorai == Rabbi Meir?

All Your Rabbits Are Disciples of the Lord

Ceres Lehachis

The Haggadah of the Ri m'Josh

Thrown or Established?

Chiba the Shepherdess

Thoughts on Nazir 62

Suff Noogies

Scribal Error Podcast #1

Rabbi Yochanan's Beard

Only Symmachus

Nullified Kitniyot

Mar Zutra bar Rav Nachman

Ask ChatGPT a Silly Question

My Mast Post

Quantifying Commentator Interest


RYbRC and His Evil Twin

The strange Teiku

Semantic Flipping of Zag and Chartzan?

Miriam of Tadmor and the Extraneous "They Said"

Switching Abaye and Rava

My Link articles on Masechet Megillah

Rav Kahana, the son of Rabbi Eliezer ben Yaakov?

Purim Thoughts and Roundup

Purim-themed Midterms from last year (2022)

Purim Pashkevils and Poe's Law

Purim-themed Midterms, 2023

Retraction regarding Vilna Shas Editing

Zachor, Editing of the Talmud and of Wikipedia

Conjectural Emendations

Some interesting Twitter posts

Exclusive Mishloach Manot?

The Meaning of Mishum

Rabbi Eliezer Contracts and Tranforms

ChatGPT Doesn't Appreciate Purim Torah

Shorn and Disgusting

Reish Lakish is Verbose

Stam Rav Nachman

Gluttonous Eating

Cirrhosis of the liver

Ben Rechumi Redux

Swapping Air and Ground

The Eponymous Ben Rechumi

Rav Doesn't Bother to Explain

All You Need to Do is Plow

Some Color on Rav Matna I

Bah, Humbug

Rava Injection or Deletion

Rava's Academy as Early Stamma

Bovine Herald

The Order of Nashim

Quoting deficient verses

First impressions on Nazir

Welcome to Nazir!

Ramses' Reconstructed Face

Rabbi Yossi's Reach

Rabbi Zeira: Hand in Marriage

Hand Fashioner

Conditional Probability and Jewish Names

Out of Order?

Rav Chisda and Rabbi Yochanan Redux

Rabbi Assi Misplaces His Yud

Vowing off Bathing

Handmaidens of Bityah

Tug of War with Yosef's Sons

The Missing Mishnah

Rav Yehuda vs. Rabbi Yehuda

Husband vs. Levir

ChatGPT and Chomer Lidrush

Husband or Father?

The Purpose of Mummification

Rava vs. Rabbi Yishmael's Academy

Dialectal Shift and Nedarim 66

Who heeds you or your rabbi?